by Emily Dietrich

A Message from My Mother (Across Death’s Bourn)

Mom, what do I do about my kids, their pain, their struggle?

Keep trying.

Mom, its feels useless — or dangerous to me sometimes.

Giving up would be very dangerous to you, deadly.

I don’t have any good ideas, though, Mom. I don’t know where to turn.

No one does, really. Turn toward love though, whichever way you go. Face love. Think of the way a compass always points north. Orient yourself and your decisions always knowing where love is, locating it, and then letting it tell where everything else is.

But what if I can’t find love, Mom?

Be still. Withdraw, maybe. Listen to music. Try to wait to act until you can find it again. You will find it and very quickly, too.

Author: Emily

Emily Dietrich is a poet, novelist, and mystery writer.

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